As 3D printing rises and becomes more widespread, one of the most exciting fields it can assist with is the medical field. 3D printing allows for patient-matched devices.

These types of designs are specifically matched to the patient’s anatomy. Imaging allows the computer to make exact matches that fit perfectly. This allows for instruments, implants, and prostheses to be a perfect fit for the patient receiving them. They can use scans to create a replacement bone that is the exact shape that is desired. It’s now become possible to 3D print devices that work with internal organs and systems, something that wouldn’t have been feasible in the past. 

This is demonstrated perfectly with the low cost of prosthesis available now due to 3D printers. This makes high quality and custom prosthesis available for people who would have never had access before the development of 3D printing. These can be printed in developing countries to give patients access to this remarkable advancement, when before it would have only been a dream to afford such a device. Three dimensional printing is helping the medical field make leaps and bounds toward better care for patients on a global scale.