3D printing is an exciting and rewarding technology to utilize. Many people have developed an interest in entering the field.

There’s so many things that can be built with this technology that it has a widespread, interdisciplinary user base. As you get started learning about the process consider if you will buy your own machine or collaborate with a friend who already has one. The best way to learn all of the steps involved is to buy your own printer. 

However if you want to get started without the commitment of buying your own printer, don’t worry. There are sources that can get you started without your own device, such as a library, college, or a printing store (available on and offline). Your local UPS store may even have a set up for printing “FDM” or fused deposition modeling. This is the most common type of printing that consumers use, as opposed to industries.  

You can also choose to go to the library for your project. Many collegiate libraries (and even some public ones) allow people to access their machines. Using the library can be cost effective, since they usually only charge by materials used. If you have to have something built that is high-level or very intricate you should consider outsourcing at the beginning of your 3D printing career. This will allow you to really see what you can do when you have access to the proper tools. A quick internet search should reveal your options, type something along the lines of “print my 3d design” and different companies will be listed for you to choose from.